Elephant Volleyball

Introducing the Elephant Volleyball!

Unlike soccer, volleyball is far more limited when it comes to ball sizes. Volleyballs for beginners don’t differ a whole lot from those for professionals. In fact, the size difference is so small that one can barely notice they’re playing with different balls.

Since volleyball is one of the most popular sports on the planet, we at XL Sports wanted to broaden the size spectrum and make volleyball itself more accessible to everyone. In collaboration with a team of internationally renowned volleyball coaches, we have developed an oversized Elephant Volleyball that measures 40″ in circumference (as opposed to the standard 26″).  Our volleyballs weigh ________ and are extremely easy to handle despite their size. 

In fact, it’s the size that makes our Elephant Volleyballs  perfect for beginners of any age and fitness level. During the test phase, our team noticed that the subjects who started with Elephant Balls had a much better grasp of the ball weeks later than the ones who started off using regular sized balls. 


VolleyBall Sizes

Volleyballs usually come in 2 sizes: youth and standard. The smaller of the two has a circumference of around 25″, while the larger volleyball has a circumference measuring 26″ on average. Unlike soccer balls, there’s a very small size difference between the two. 

  • U8
    U8 30"

    Smaller children start off with oversized and lightweight volleyballs. These are usually 30" in circumference and weigh 2 ounces lighter than a standard volleyball. They are easier for children to get over the net.

  • 8-12
    8-12 26"

    Due to their developing bones and muscles, children in this age range are urged to play volleyball with a ball that's standard sized (26"), but lighter in weight. 

  • 13+
    13+ 26"

    Standard sized volleyballs are used with children ages 13 and up. These are the same balls that professional volleyball players use. They're roughly 26" in circumference and weigh between 9.2-9.9 ounces.

Why an Elephant Volleyball?

Our Elephant volleyballs measure 40 inches in circumference, which is 10 whole inches larger than the oversized lightweight balls currently on the market. But you might be wondering why we made the decision to improve on the current standard? Here’s why.

Before placing our product on the market, the professional team behind our Elephant Balls conducted several researches. They rounded up dozens of teams, and had them play volleyball with the 30″ ball and the 40″ ball respectively. Our research has shown that 85% of our young players found it a lot easier and more intuitive to get the Elephant Volleyball across the net than a regular oversized 30″ ball.