Elephant soccer ball

Our Story

Soccer is more than a sport.  It’s a beacon that calls out to people longing for the rush of victory, harmony, and sportsmanship. And once you start that journey, soccer is a ladder of emotions that can help you grow in both skill and character. Soccer unites fans everywhere with each other over one of humanity’s oldest past times.  No sport before or since has brought more people together across the globe. Our Elephant Soccer Ball aims to unlock a piece of that feeling in everyone who plays with one. 

The Elephant Ball was designed by a former professional athlete and collegiate soccer coach. He used a size 8 ball in a scrimmage match for his team following a particularly demoralizing defeat. The result when his players began to kick the ball around on the field was nothing short of magic. It lit a spark in a previously lifeless team. It allowed them to have fun again and to face the challenges needed to elevate their practice and training.  The coach was so moved by the effectiveness of the ball that he dedicated the next several years to designing his own, and to creating XL Sports, America’s only producer of the size 8 ball.  

Soccer ball sizes

Soccer balls are divided into 5 size categories, each usually intended for a different purpose, league, or age demographic.  Knowing these differences can help you make sure you’re properly equipped for the next season. 

  • Size 1
    Size 1 18"-20"

    Size 1 soccer balls are too small to play a decent game with and are usually only collected as souvenirs for general entertainment.

  • Size 2
    Size 2 20"-22"

    Size 2 soccer balls are just large enough for toddlers and young children to play with, and are usually bought by schools and play groups. 

  • Size 3
    Size 3 22"-24"

    Size 3 soccer balls are made for kids aged 8 and above, and sometimes also employed in skill training. 

  • Size 4
    Size 4 25"-26"

    Size 4 soccer balls are best-suited for kids and teenagers and great for practicing dribbling skills.

  • Size 5
    Size 5 27"-28"

    Size 5 soccer balls are made for all players aged 12 and above. This is the size that’s used in soccer leagues across the world. 

  • Elephant
    Elephant 42"

    Elephant soccer balls are best-suited for beginners, players with reach limitations such as those utilizing wheelchairs for play, and as a training aid for more skilled players. 

Why an Elephant Soccer Ball?

XL soccer balls are approximately 40 inches in circumference while the standard soccer ball dimension for players aged 12 and above is said to be somewhere in the range of 27 to 28 inches. So you might be wondering, what makes an XL ball better? Here’s what. 

When you’re playing soccer, the key to both playing and enjoying the game is finesse. It’s what sports fans pay good money to come to watch, and what often draws new players. By virtue of their size, XL balls are much easier to dribble, aim, kick and take timed shots with. The level of control they offer provides a much smoother introduction to the sport than an average-sized soccer ball. 

Our Elephant Soccer Ball

The Elephant Soccer Ball fits all standard soccer ball regulations, and fall into a size 8 category. 

Reliable Fly Pattern

One of the most important design aspects of a soccer ball is its accuracy. Our Elephant Balls have been meticulously designed to offer players a more streamlined fly pattern. This allows them to make more precise shots and passes.

Comfort And Ease

There are additional qualities that soccer balls need to be screened for that you cannot underestimate, especially if you’re a coach. Soccer balls need to have an appropriate softness to responsiveness ratio for a safe playing experience. You want a ball that feels fast to play with, and solid, without delivering any stress to the tendons in your feet.

Fit For Everyone

Our philosophy when it comes to any kind of team sport is that no one should be left out from being able to enjoy the game for any reason. Our XL balls can deliver wholesome outdoor fun, stimulation, and exercise to just about anyone. It won’t matter if you’re a toddler, an amateur, or in a wheelchair.