The Elephant Ball



At 42″, our ball is the largest game-ready soccer ball on the market, and the only size 8 ball in America.



Elephant Ball delivers a truly unique experience that makes it a perfect training aid for all levels of play. 



A size 8 ball is a great way ball for players of all ages. Children have just as much fun using it as adults! 

About Us

XL Sports was created by a former professional athlete and collegiate soccer coach with the goal of producing America’s first and only game-ready, size 8 soccer ball – The Elephant Soccer Ball.

Elephant Balls are custom-designed to provide a unique playing and training experience for all ages, to stand up to the same regular use and punishment of any regulation ball. This is also the size commonly used by wheelchair leagues throughout the world. 

We recommend the Elephant Ball as a great addition for kids’ soccer organizations, adult intramural leagues, and as a resource for professional players, coaches, and trainers.  

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Kid Friendly

Designed to provide a unique playing experience for kids, one that introduces new concepts and reinforces basic skills at a very tactile level.


Works as a training aid by breaking up routine, introducing new dynamic challenges to the game, and generally improving morale. 


At the end of the day, sports are meant to be fun, and our Elephant Balls allow players to focus on fundamentals while having a good time. 

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